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Junto helps you every day to become a better version of yourself. Through small steps and motivating streaks you build long-lasting good habits and break bad ones.

Track Now
junto - simple habit tracking


Junto uses streaks of consistently checked habits to build up your motivation. Streak freezes protect your streak and make them more forgivable.


Tracking and visualizing your progress is important to keep you motivated. Junto combines simplistic charts with helpful insights.


Motivations cluster your habits to help you keep track of the bigger picture. Create various habit mixes to reflect your motivations.

junto - simple habit tracking

New year's resolutions don’t work. You want to stop smoking, get in shape, or read more books. But you fail to follow through. And 3 weeks later, you open the bag of chips, you do not run because it rains, and those new books are dusting on the shelf. But wait, why is it so difficult? The three most common problems according to behavioral science are:

You chase after goals instead of changing your behavior. Don’t try to run a marathon, try to become a runner.

You want to see progress fast and start too big. Start with baby steps and give yourself time to grow. Do just one pushup, read just one page, write just one word, and you are already doing more than yesterday.

You only try to change yourself instead of changing your environment. Let's just be honest, you will not go to the gym if you need to take the bus for 30 minutes. Try to eliminate the friction and make your habits too easy to skip.